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.Bold: Montag – Antoine Bédard Returns

Montag or Antoine Bédard

Antoine Bédard, also known as Montag, is going to release his comeback album “Phases”, a project he was working on for a year. In 2012 Montag worked with with different artists on a monthly basis and created a unique music video for each song. In his upcoming album “Phases” he is going to present all of the collected singles, which Antoine is going to release on 24 June 2013.

“It felt dangerous, and sometimes I wondered if it was too ambitious, but it also felt good, having to write the songs in time and on time every month.”

The singer from Montreal chose this way of recording to experience the process of songwriting and the production of music in a new and distinctive way. On his new record Montag features wide-ranging genres with electronic pop, synth-sound and so-called krautrock.

All of the songs and videos can be heard and watched on Montag’s official website.
The new album “Phases” will be available from 24 June on.

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