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.Brazen: Among the Artist’s Intimates

In addition to muses and other inspirations, indispensable and idiosyncratic to the life of every artist are practical elements of materials and techniques, which aid to achieve the artistic result of the artist’s imagination. It is therefore no surprise that the relationship between artist, material and techniques are three factors that merge as one, becoming a singular subject matter that fascinates.

Lauren Seiden Fold 3, graphite on paper 10 x 11′ , 2013.

Coinciding with Frieze Art Fair 2013, Frameless Gallery and Gallery Nosco present an exhibition entitled Intimate, brazenly revealing the materials and techniques chosen by ten international emerging artists as means of their artistic expression. On display at the show are sculptures, installations, drawings and paintings by Andreea Talpeanu, Felippe Moraes, Tom Leamon, Camilla Emson, Cale de Iser, Mark Davey, Charlotte Charbonnel, Peter Jecza, Lauren Seiden and Paul Hazelton.

Felippe Moraes 36kg of triangle, bungee strap and pocket scale, dimensions variable

Whether the work is visually strong or texture-driven, visualise the materials and secret technique the artist employs that breathes life onto the artwork, turning it from the imagination privately conjured up in their heads to a reality.

The Intimate exhibition opens now till 20th October 2013 at Frameless gallery at 20 Clerkenwell Green in London.

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