Brazen: Bursting with Emotion – Phoenix Martins

By Pascal Ebner

Phoenix Martins

For all the brazen music fans out there – songstress Phoenix Martins is ready for her follow-up single “Sideways”! Melting the melodic sounds of strings and urban beats Martins is still able to create genuine music, making sure that each and every song she creates, has the right amount of emotions that draw you in and won’t let you go so easily.

After her cracking debut song “Heart Strings” (give it a listen further down), the London-based musician is ready for her next single called “Sideways”, which is not the same but is still bursting with Phoenix Martins’ soulful voice. Her almost hypnotizing sounds are not just for a relaxing sunday afternoon but also perfect to keep you agitated and ready for more.

“Sideways” gives listeners, who happen to know her previous single, a more in-depth look into Martins’ music and proves the fact that this songstress is on the rise – ready to spread her music all over the world. The former Goldsmiths student is able to turn the most heartbreaking themes into a splendid arrangement of sincere vocals and fair lyrics.

Give the new single “Sideways” a listen:

…and try her other song “Heart Strings”:

Phoenix Martins’ new single “Sideways” can be downloaded for free from today on her Facebook page.
For more information and updates on her forthcoming shows and sounds check out Phoenix Martins’ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud Channel.