Brazen: Man Adorned

By Jo Phillips

Splash for Dominic Jones MenDominic Jones Mens SS14

After checking out the Tomfoolery jewellery exhibition at the Museum of London it is clear that men are paying more attention to accessories these days. Funnily enough there is a lot more to men’s jewellery than tie clips or cufflinks and with a wide variety from classic to contemporary, the male jewellery market is in an interesting place right now. Style-conscious individuals are seeking the boldest of designs and we’re all for celebrating that.

Avant-garde jewellery brand Mawi launched their first men’s range “Sir by Mawi” last year and the collection is by no means a dainty feat. The women’s collections have always had a very solid edge to them so in a way it would seem only natural that a men’s collection was created. The use of onyx and hematite certainly display a very masculine quality in the pieces but what we love about them is their undeniable flamboyance.

Mawi“Sir by Mawi’ Collection from £100

Perhaps you could argue that there is a new femininity in the world of men’s accessories now. Retrospectively, this wouldn’t be the first time that these qualities were challenged so does a pendant need a rusty dog tag at the end of it or a bracelet require the thickest of titanium links to entice a man these days? We should think not. You can find floral pin broaches from Lanvin, semi-precious bracelets by Tateossian and metal knit necklaces from Barbara I Gongini. Even renowned women’s jewellery designer Dominic Jones feels that it’s time for a change and he is set to release a men’s collection for SS14. Online designer retailer Farfetch have also featured abstract silver designs from Alice Waese within their men’s department, challenging the qualities of masculinity or femininity. This isn’t about androgyny however, like this month’s theme it’s simply about being bold.

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