.Cent Family

Rebecca is our Fashion Editor. A Creative, conceptual thinker who is never seen without a cup of coffee, or lipstick ~Which usually ends up all over […]

“I like to say that I’m easy going but people laugh at me..so if I have to be honest, yes I do prefer everything fabulous” 

Shannon is part of the editorial team at .Cent.  It’s her first position in a magazine in the UK and she has travelled here from […]

Creative Director / Publisher Jo Phillips is the founder and creative who drives .Cent forward.  With 26 years of fashion and art directing experience her […]

Our beloved office manager who does occasionally bark orders to us all.

Donna is our Contributing Fashion editor.  She enjoys fancy dress and will do it at any given opportunity.

Don’t mess with Madame Alexandra Pushkin. She likes all the bills to be paid on time and her purr is fierce!