Confection: Sweet Scents

By Jo Phillips

Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela

For our Confection theme .Cent has compiled a list of three perfumes for morning, noon and evening…

Morning – Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela

The first fragrance created by Maison Martin Margiela has a surprising green freshness to it, and is based on green boxwood and galbanum. “Untitled” is laced with notes of bitter-orange tree, jasmine, and musk, while traditional apothecary vials inspired the look of the bottle. This unisex perfume is revitalizing and pure, yet it still carries layered tones, which every creation by the avant-garde house is known for.

Jasmine Vert by Miller Harris

Afternoon – Jasmine Vert by Miller Harris

Jasmine Vert, part of the Nouvelle Edition fragrance series, is inspired by the flower markets of Grasse. Summer flowers and fruits, such as green mandarin, grapefruit and pear lead to the heart of the fragrance, jasmine and daffodil. A perfect summer fragrance for an afternoon walk in the park that can lead nowhere else but Miller Harris’ very own secret tearoom. With six fragrant teas to choose from, sweet cakes, and the limited edition Miller Harris and Ruinart Champagne Tea, you are allowed to indulge in the finest tastes and aromas of the sweet-smelling apothecary at 21 Bruton Street, London.

No.3 Buk by Kokon To Zai & Guillaume Flavigny for Six Scents Series Four

Evening – No.3 Buk by Kokon To Zai & Guillaume Flavigny for Six Scents Series Four

Six Scents is an innovative concept that broadens the boundaries of design and the senses. Designers and perfumers are linked together by creating artisanal fragrances that re-introduce the creativity of artists through the sense of smell.

Through For Six Scents Series Four: A Divine Narrative we are able to experience a character study within the context of perfume. Six different men and women unravel through the scent and the prints created by the artist group AG11, while the six designers, which include Giulliano Fujiwara, Kokon To Zai and Raphael Young, collaborate with six renowned perfumers to bring those characters to life.

The perfume bottle that arrived in a beautiful box at .Cent Magazine was the No.3 Buk, created by designers Kokon To Zai and perfumer Guillaume Flavigny. The perfume tells the story of a Worldly Woman with origins from Somalia. Rebellious but respectful, sexual and elegant are the main aspects of her personality. The fragrance takes us to the spice markets and the warm deserts of Africa, with ingredients such as purple ginger from Laos, myrrh oil from Somalia and jasmine absolute from Egypt.

Image credits:
Untitled shot by Jeremy Coleman
Buk shot by Katia Bololia
Jasmine Vert image courtesy of Miller Harris