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.Digital Clans: Pixels

Digital Clans: Pixels

As you read and I type, we are blissfully unthinking of the technology required for our viewing experience. We are constantly bombarded with technology jargon: TFT, LCD, and LED…all promising more for our viewing experience. However, dissecting the anatomy of the image is to evaluate the humble pixel. Lonesome, a single pixel is always in flux, making use the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour model or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (Black)) colour model. When pieced together as a clan our eyes distort and blur the lines creating swift moving images and beautiful photography.

In 2010 Kim Asendorf a Berlin based media artist set out to create a piece of software art that would create a new perception of the digital image, the ‘100.000.000 stolen pixels’. The project created a programme that scoured the online pages to search images and hyperlinks. Every image was downloaded and 100 pixels of 10×10 were spliced from larger images and stored. All of the hyperlinks found where saved and searched, continually generating images and links until 100.000.000 pixels had been stolen. Creating images that first appear as mere static, until further magnification disclose smaller dissection of the whole.

The project was a reevaluation of the image through the pixel, by reducing the images to a single pixel and back to the image via magnification. Pixels are the small and mighty unsung hero of the digital world, creating a depth of field unimaginable even ten years ago. With the rapid expansion of technology and media, the pixel is appearing as the mightiest clan in a world obsessed with brighter, bigger and better imagery. The power is truly in the pixel.

Words by Jai Clarke-Binns

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