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.Exposed; Sheer Satisfaction

Written by Najla Hamadeh


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Sheer is a timeless style concept, and a beautiful array of light and airy materials fall under its varied category including tulle, organza, chiffon, voile, and organdy. And, yet, its connotations are shifting: it’s no longer considered just ‘princess-like’, overtly feminine, or sentimentally romantic. This season it’s about its potential within streetwear and practicality since it’s the perfect way to show some skin without exposing yourself to the cold. What’s more, it’s the ideal material for layering; be it jeans under a diaphanous maxi skirt or a bralette under a lace-hem slip dress, sheer is the optimal route to sexy sophistication. It featured heavily throughout the Spring/Summer 2018 collections, proving its use in diverse forms:


Burberry did a loose-fitting sheer dress with billowing sleeves and metallic floral embroidery that seemed reminiscent of beachwear, kaftans, and swimsuit cover-ups. Have a read of our entire Burberry SS18 write-up here.





Alexander McQueen did its own take with dresses inspired by 17th Century cage hoop skirts: plaid-effect panels of ruffled chiffon, gold-studded strips, and blush-coloured sheer were stitched together. Check out our entire Alexander McQueen SS18 write-up here.





Christian Dior took a more gothic punk turn with black, polka-dotted sheer midi dresses worn over a striped bodysuit. Our entire Dior SS18 write-up can be read here.






Paco Rabanne had celestial-inspired glitter, near-sheer rompers in pastel shades.






Miu Miu took a more tailored approach with sherbet-coloured, ruffle-front, collared sheer shirts featured, layered over pinafores.





Written by Najla Hamadeh

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