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.Juxtaposed;Yet We Meet

Max Hattler’s new film Divisional Articulations just won the Grand Prize Award at Supernova Festival. 

Divisional Articulations is a super trippy audiovisual collaboration between Max Hattler and composer Lux Prima. Repetitions and distortions of synths and bass, squares and circles create an electronic feedback loop that spawns endless arrays of divisional articulations in time and space. The award-winning piece recently screened at Ars Electronica, and was shortlisted for the Lumen Prize Moving Image Award. It was created with a group of 16 students at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. The Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation Festival based in Denver Colorado is a yearly event celebrating new-media animation and contemporary art.

Divisional Articulations  (2017) from Max Hattler on Vimeo.

Supernova describes Divisional Articulations as “an energetic, thoroughly captivating abstraction… an example of outstanding collaboration in new-media animation and art…”

Max Hattler

Supernova Festival

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