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.Mineral; Bulldog Bites Back!

Written by Najla Hamadeh


We are all familiar with the concept of our boyfriend, younger brother, or even dad swiping some of our skincare products. Those special, expensive products that cost a month’s worth of wages and, when you go to use a pea-size amount, you instead find a thumbprint-shaped cavity right in the middle of the moisturising cream.

A good way to keep their fingers out of the biscuit jar is to buy them a set of men’s products of their own that they can use and enjoy.

Bulldog Skincare for men is an affordable UK brand that uses natural ingredients and is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Here are some ideas for a basic Bulldog kit:


Face Wash

The Sensitive Face Wash was specifically created for sensitive skin and contains an earthy blend of baobab, oat, and willow herb.

LWT1009 SensitiveFaceWash 150ml


Winter is here (though the temperatures may not always feel like it) and skin is left vulnerable to the elements. So, why not help it along with the Intensive 24-Hour Moisturiser? The light formula is made up of borage, almond, and camelina oils which reduce dryness and make it easy to rub in. A good face wash and moisturiser combo is a basic necessity.

LWT1073 IntensiveMoisturiser 50ml

Beard Balm

Bulldog’s Beard Balm is basically a leave-in conditioner that moisturises and conditions the beard, keeping the normally coarse and unruly hair soft and easy to manage. It contains a calming blend of herbal ingredients, including aloe vera sourced from a Guatemalan Community Trade project, camelina oil, and green tea.

LWT1081 OriginalBeardBalm



Lip Balm

And, finally, the often-ignored Lip Balm. Cure those wind=chapped lips with this mint and shea butter balm; soft lips aren’t just for women.


LWT1072 OriginalLipBalm 4g


Written by Najla Hamadeh

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