The Twenty SS20 Issue

Mirror: Ray Fiasco’s reflective portraits

By Angelina Puschkarski

Photo: Ray Fiasco
Photo: Ray Fiasco

Photographer Ray Fiasco pictured British singer-songwriter Jacob Banks in a photo series about the relationship between reflections, portraits and the photographer. The work was inspired by Jacob’s minimal style and the mirrors added new dimensions to the photography revealing how a single photo can be enjoyed and viewed from multiple angles creating a much more complex experience for the viewer.

Jacob Banks by Ray Fiasco
Jacob Banks by Ray Fiasco

Ray Fiasco has worked with several artists and musicians such as Nick Brewer. Please visit his site to see more of his work.

Check out Jacob’s Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.


Photo: Ray Fiasco
Photo: Ray Fiasco


Assistant photographer: Dwyte Smith

Location: Cre8 Lifestyle Centre, Asylum 33 HQ,

Model: Renowned’s Jacob Banks



; The Golden Age

I was eight years old and I was living in Courbevoie, France with my family and La Belle Époque (the Golden Age) was in its prime.