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.News; Body-Watch SS18

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Watches are like handbags: there are so many options in style and colour that it is impossible to pick just one. Rado has put forth a collaboration with various designers to create six designs of the Rado watch, and to each apply their individual style to this much sought-after watch family. Not one of these individuals ordinarily work with watches, yet their visions remain inspiring.

True Cyclo

Philippe Nigro, a French award-winning furniture designer, wanted to create a timeless piece – an everlasting beauty – that would naturally form a bond with its owner. A minimalistic feel inhabits the watch in the clean and simple design: matte black and silver surfaces with a delicate, silver dial.

True Blaze

American interior designer Sam Amoia created uniqueness with a disco-ball feeling; the dial with its textured metallic structure is innovative.

True Face

Polish designer Oskar Zieta wanted something unique and timeless: a satin-finish, neutral-tone case and bracelet; matte grey hands were given a rose gold finish; the scratch-resistant, high-gloss metallic dial was polished to achieve a captivating, reflective finish.

True Shadow

Kunihiko Morinaga, a Japanese fashion designer, wanted to hone in one divine beauty, playing on light and colour, using photochromic fabrics to create visual illusions. When sunlight hits the dial, it goes dark; yet, when the sun goes down, the dial fades and becomes transparent, revealing a skeleton watch.

True Phospho

Swiss design studio, Big-Game, create a piece that is simple yet functional. The hour and minute hands are tipped with Super-LumiNova – a glow-in-the-dark substance – while the second hand is fully coated in the substance.

True Stratum

Through his design, Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch questioned how time is displayed by introducing an element of three-dimensionality on the dial. Painted black, it features delicate, asymmetrically-arranged descending steps that emphasise the concave surface’s 3D appearance. The hour and minute hands are in matte rhodium, while the yellow second hand provides a pop of colour, as well as, easy readability.




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