Opposites: Find your look and be Fabulous

By Jo Phillips


Princess Diana and Lady Gaga could not be more opposite, however lipstick is something they do have in common. Along with Grace Jones, Debbie Harry and Ana Matronics these women have all championed Cosmetics a La Carte.

Christina Stewart and Lynne Sanders are the Cosmetic chemists behind the brand and were innovators of tailor made makeup for the individual. It is hard to believe there once was a time when you didn’t have the full spectrum of colours to experiment on eyes, cheeks and lips and few would argue that the choice and experimentation we enjoy now all began in 1973 with these two women and their mantra “Find your look and be fabulous”.

To celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary, Ryan Lanji has curated a pop up exhibition that will run from 22nd to 26th May at The Gallery in Redchurch St.