Power; 3 Cars for Women

By Jo Phillips

Women in Power: 3 Cars You Should Consider Upgrading to

It wasn’t too long ago that a woman in a high position of power within a corporate environment was a rarity, but that has changed for good. Today, Emma Walmsley, Alison Brittain, Liv Garfield and many others like them are running multi-billion companies. If you are the owner of a successful company or have recently been promoted to a high-level position of authority, you are part of that list too, whether your name is in there or not. However, have you upgraded your car to match your status yet? In case you haven’t, you really should consider it and here are three of the best ones to choose from.

Mercedes Cls350d AMG Line

Black has never looked sexier than it does on the Mercedes Cls350d Coupe Amg Line. It is one of the most premium cars in its class and there’s no possible way you cannot admire it.

Whether you can afford to or not, you don’t necessarily have to buy it because Vantage Leasing has some of the best leasing deals on the Mercedes.

Leasing is better than buying any of these premium cars because when you are successful, it is quite likely that you won’t be staying with the same car for long, and leasing is designed to provide the best value for money to such premium customers.


This one is as premium as it gets, leaving the Mercedes AMG Line behind in class, power, aesthetics and, of course, price. It’s in a completely different league and if you like it, may we suggest that once again, black is probably going to look the best, as it is with most premium grade saloons. Leasing is definitely the better option, but if you want to buy the BMW I8 Hybrid, get ready to shell out roughly £120,000 or more.

Audi Q8

Even though you are a high-ranking official or maybe even the CEO of your own business, you are most likely still a stressed-out mother when it comes to your children! If you have a family that can use an SUV, go for the Audi Q8 blindfolded.

Not only is it one of the most spacious, premium of the SUV lines that has proven its worth through the years, the Audi Q8 is an SUV made with both family and office in mind. It won’t stand out like a sore thumb anywhere, but instead, you will feel the pride of success in both personal and professional life, each time you sit in the driver’s seat and grip the wheels with your partner and children in the car.

If status isn’t something that you are concerned with as much as the job itself, you will have little interest in leasing or purchasing a flashy new car. That being said, all of these are great cars and you do deserve a treat anyway, just for making it so far and rising so high.


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