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.Sharp: Sharpening the Retro Feel

Everyone loves that feeling you get when you find a vintage gem hidden in the pile of debris at the charity shop, and there are no shortage of designers who have endeavoured to recreate that feeling by drawing from retro influences. Bringing the old fashioned into the 21st Century is a popular trope in the fashion world; here are a couple we think have succeeded in creating something fun and completely wearable:


The French fashion icon Inès De La Fressange’s latest collaboration with UNIQLO displays an effort to combine fashion themes from the past with modern simplicity and comfort. The partnership produced a lovely vintage inspired cotton ‘lawn dress’ that screams 1940s housewife, but with a fun, contemporary twist.


For Termite Eyewear’s newest collection BARBER the designers drew from the iconic styles of the past and vintage English aesthetics. Termite’s signature mod-style circular frame calls back to the 50s and 60s and has been manipulated, modified, and adapted giving it an innovative, futuristic feel. And as an added bonus everything besides the lenses and hinges are made from recycled materials!

. Jo is a fashion stylist, creative director and .Cent Magazine's publisher.

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