Silver is the new Gold – ACF London invites

By Pascal Ebner

Matters of Translation

.Cent was invited by the Austrian Cultural Forum in London and had the opportunity to take a look at the brand new design showcase presenting handcrafted silverware – including the great works of Tomás Alonso, Rainer Scharf and Sebastian Menschhorn.

Before we gazed upon the great work of above-mentioned designers, we had a look at Franz Thalmair’s work, independent arts writer and curator, examining the relationship between content, medium and form. Franz did not only look at his work from an artistic view but also the viewer’s view him- or herself. Part of the exhibition is a computer-generated text program, which allows the user to choose a word and generates a random text using a range of related nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Matters of Translation

Furthermore, visitors were able to take a glance at mirrors reflecting words and a wall pasted with thousands of words – creating an almost illusionary scenery that left you reading and reading… making it difficult to stop. Thalmair used the concepts of perception and the dimensions to create a world within the room – a world of words.

Next up we had a look at the headliner of this exhibition: the work of Tomás Alonso, Rainer Scharf and Sebastian Menschhorn, featuring:

Tomás Alonso
Tea Service, 2011

Rainer Scharf
Turkish Coffee pot Cezve, 2010

Sebastian Menschhorn
Flora Centrepiece, 2006

The simple yet nifty designs gave a perfect insight in the contemporary art of silver manufactury. The Wiener Silber Manufactur itself was founded back in 1882 during the ‘Ringstrasse’ period of 19th-century Vienna, and had its relaunch in 2008.

tomas alons
Tea Service, 2011 by Tomás Alonso

Tomás Alonso

After a few words of designer Tomás Alonso about the intense work that is put into the piece and Marion Friedmann, curator of the on-going exhibition, we had the chance to listen to three aspiring musicians, graduates from the Royal College of Music in London, who left the audience in astonishment with their musical skills. Susanne Simma, Emma Vallender and Adam Slater – the three friends started their harmonic trio in 2009 under the name “Gelachter” (translated: Laughter) and are true enthusiasts in their field.

Gelächter Trio

As an Austrian myself, it was a great pleasure to see and hear the great masterpieces of both designers and musicians and to experience the feeling of home in the United Kingdom itself.

To get more information about upcoming dates and exhibitions take a look at the official website of the Austrian Cultural Forum, their Facebook & Twitter.

You want to know more about Gelachter and their music? Why not check out their website as well and follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

The current exhibition can be visited from 24 September – 15 November 2013 at

Austrian Cultural Forum
28 Rutland Gate
London SW7 1PQ