Spotlight on: Calgary

By Pascal Ebner


Meet Jakob Deist, Kirill Teslia and Pete Wicker – three aspiring artists, who enter the world of indie pop to bring music lovers closer to their magnificent sound. So if you’re looking for the right tunes to chill and have a great time with people you love – Calgary is your kind of music.

The trio has been approached by Britain’s Got Talent before but courageously declined the offer – which finally led to Calgary and the debut single “Fight Fire With Fire”. Their same-titled debut EP is going to be released this December and promises 4 tracks filled with the passion and energy that most indie groups nowadays miss or simply won’t achieve.

Furthermore, the three musicians have already presented their very own music video on YouTube featuring a lot of colors. Take a look down below. While plenty of musicians strive to get on set of above-mentioned shows, we were interested to know why Calgary decided not to show up and put them in the spotlight for this week.


.Cent: First of all – we’re really enjoying your music in the office. Starting out in the Indie Pop genre is nowadays quite a challenge with such a variety of musicians in this field. What do you think differentiates Calgary from other Indie bands?

Calgary: Awesome glad your enjoying it!! Yeh that’s very true, the Pop Indie scene is a challenging genre to get into. Each member is from a different part of the world, we all have our own unique musical backgrounds. This has resulted in a unique sound and a very exciting new EP.

.Cent: You were offered to take part in last years Britain’s Got Talent but declined: Do you think music shows, such as X-Factor, affect the creativity of artists?

I’m scared for the future of music because of such programmes, if they were musicians singing their own songs my response would be very different. But if you look at the show its the blend of game shows meets karaoke and the end result isn’t a desire to be a pivotal influence on music but to have fame!

As for affecting creativity it’s a big yes! As pointed out by Dave Grohls awesome key note speaker speech at SBSW…what would Christina Aguilera (on the judging panel) say to Bob Dylan after he sang to her…..’a bit flat and a bit nasally’ a result no Bob Dylan. Therefore no more Bob’s just fast food music!

.Cent: On 1 November you’re going to release your debut single “Fight Fire With Fire” and the music video is already online – have there been any difficulties so far? Or would you consider yourselves lucky newcomers?

Calgary: Hmm ….I’d say the hardest part was waiting for the delivery of the Holi-Powder for the video. It only arrived just in time for the shoot! You feel quiet helpless waiting on a delivery man sitting in your front room kinda stalking each and every person that walks past your window! Lol!

.Cent: How did the three of you get together as a band? What was the initial spark to get started on this project?

Calgary: We have all know each other for years, Kirill and I have played together before. Pete is a long term friend of Kirill and my drinking buddy now! Me and a friend of mine Marc Halls use to have a local acoustic night and Pete came a long a few times with Kirill, when dared he came up and jammed over the songs… I just loved what he did and how good his playing was!

The initial spark happened just over half way through this year, I started writing tracks and it was clear it needed a band to pull it off. So when this new idea of a band floated around between me and Kirill we knew Pete had to be on board as it seemed the perfect fit!

.Cent: Where would you like to see yourselves – let’s say – in about 5 years?

Calgary: I would love to see the band a few album releases in …still connecting with fans and people. Enjoying the ride and above all have priceless memories in the bank!

Check out the official music video for “Fight Fire With Fire” by Calgary:

Also have a listen to teasers of their upcoming EP:

On the debut EP you’ll find:
1. Fight Fire With Fire

2. Shine

3. Run, Run

4. In My Arms

You’d like to hear, see and read more about Calgary? Take a look at their official Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, SoundCloud and get their debut single “Fight Fire With Fire” from 1 November on and mark the 2 December in your calendar – cause that’s when their very first EP will be released.