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.Weave: Tilda Swinton for Nars

Cent - Tilda Swinton - Nars

English actress Tilda Swinton is able to and has, woven herself into many guises during her career; some more arthouse in nature, (War Requiem, The Maybe, Only You) as well as the mainstream film choices (The Beach, The Chronicles of Narnia, We need to talk about Kevin), yet she remains a fascinating and striking mystery.

Her latest creative foray is as the face of the Spring Summer 2015 collection to be launched by Francois Nars’ eponymous cosmetics brand, Nars, as this new campaign image shows.

Francois Nars told .Cent the reason he chose Tilda to represent the new collection: “She is a living legend.  As an actress, she brings such strong personality to the camera, and as a woman, she lives the experience of transformation and expression.  She was the perfect choice for Nars.”

With images and work as stunning as this, we can’t wait to see the rest of the campaign shots.  Well done Francois, Congratulations Tilda!

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