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.Work; Get Sunkissed Ready

WORK-GetSunkissedReadyLiving The Dream Glow Bronze Highlight Duo* (£4.99), Make Me Blush Ombre Blush (£3.99).

Let’s take a moment to contemplate the end of Dry January. If people have started talking about getting their bodies “summer-ready” at the gym, there’s no reason not to follow that up in the bathroom. It may still be a bit too cold to work on your full-body tan, but the exposed skin still deserve some attention during the transitional period. Sunkissed has already established itself as a successful high-street brand with Argan oil and nourishing ingredients infused self-tan products (including award-winning bronzing and highlighting sticks). Now, it has expanded their vegan-friendly make-up line.

Its latest launch includes an array of complexion-enhancing cosmetics, accompanied by quintessential eye products and brush kits, to create a full face of make-up from base to finish. Time To Prime* (£4.99) ensures a smooth canvas to work with, and Perfect Fix+* (£4.99) effortlessly seals the final look. As skin tones are rarely ever monochrome, most products consist of different shades, perfect for customising. Baked To Perfection (£3.99) adds a universal flush of colour with an optional highlighting element, while Glow-Getter Shimmer (£4.99) offers many possible combinations. From clear-cased single compacts to sleek palettes and travel-friendly packaging, Strobe Duo Sticks* (£4.99) provide structure in a few strokes from your bathroom or your purse, and the Shimmer Brush (£4.99) deposits the right amount of glow (on your face or body) in a few sweeps. The new releases are very versatile, easily incorporated into any make-up routine.

To find out more about Sunkissed, click here.

*Products that will be released on February 15th.


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