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.Work; Overcome By Words

We all have those moments when our brain power is running low, when there is no time for a break and even a good stretch and strong cup of coffee don’t seem to help. It is during these times when the heaviest of workloads and the closest of deadlines are.

Worry no more: two new books, out this year, are the perfect recipe to get the creative juices flowing. They have captured our interest at .Cent, and they just might capture yours, too.


Every Day A Word Surprises Me & Other Quotes By Writers

To be released in March, this book contains hundreds of insightful quotes by famous writers and personalities, from Jane Austen to Julian Barnes, Leo Tolstoy to Patti Smith, Virginia Woolf to Henry David Thoreau. From being motivational to purely relatable, here are our chosen quotes to contemplate this working week.

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt” – Sylvia Plath.

“My idea of hell is a blank sheet of paper” – Neil Gaiman.

“Original thoughts are like shy animals. We sometimes have to look the other way – toward a busy street or terminal – before they run out of their burrows” – Alain de Botton.


Every Day A Word Surprises Me 2D


Published by Phaidon Editors


Wisdom & Wordplay by Robert Eddison

A national journalist and playwright, Robert Eddison has recorded 300 one-liners of his original thoughts into this book. All created to motivate, humour, and advise, they are categorised under various headings such as wordplay, reflective, and dark. Here are a few thoughtful gems of Eddison’s for you to reflect upon:

“Squares are never ahead of the curve”.

“Only what leaves your heart can reach another’s”.

“A repeated joke is like tonic without the gin”.


robert eddison cover



Published by Filament Publishing


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