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.XXL: Punk – Ripped Up and Re-started

Punk Pink Posing Patti, 1976

Anarchy, Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren, rebellion, edgy, Blondie, fashion, expression, Patti Smith, wild, youth, urgency. All of these descriptors help to sum up the movement of the 1970s: Punk.

Smashing Time 1977

Smashing Time 1977

Celebrating this brash era with a preview of artist Richard Walker’s iconic works is the Gallery Petit in London’s Chelsea, moments away from the original site of Punk heritage; “The Kings Road.”

Bianca's Valentine 1978

Bianca’s Valentine 1978

Featuring in “Rip it up and Start again” is a handpicked select of Walker’s cheeky and irreverent works, created between 1975 and 1978, marking an explosion of the creative Punk expression across the world. From December 10 through to January 2014, rip up your rulebooks and start again.

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