12 days 11,

By Jo Phillips

Well, 2020 will be one of those years that goes down in history as rather unpleasant. We all need a good cheer up and even though the holiday season this year may well be a little quieter and more close-knit than we would usually expect it certainly is a time for gift-giving (and gift-receiving) so we start for you the 12 days of Christmas here not just to get you in the mood but also so you have a ton of ideas of what to buy or what to drop heavy hints to you loved ones about. So enjoy our 12 days shoots Here in 12 day 11 for you to ponder.

Marvellous Mini Gift Set by Sanctuary Spa. A treasure trove of mini must-haves from Sanctuary Spa. That will leave you feeling relaxed, renewed and silky smooth. A must-have for travelling to keep your skin feeling hydrated and pampered no matter how far you are from home. Bedtime Heroes Gift Set by Sanctuary Spa. A perfect gift for those in need of true rest and relaxation. The set of Mist and balm leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalised after waking up. Gift of Tonics by Pixi. A product rich in antioxidants, paraben and alcohol free helps to attain a smoother complexion and even skin tone. The multi-action treatment with time-release Retinol also replenishes skin with potent Antioxidants is suitable for all skin types and easy to apply.

The Balance Set by The Ordinary. This set of 4 Products is created to balance the look of visible shine, to reduce the look of enlarged pores and textural irregularities and to enhance skin radiance. Almond Shower Oil by L’OCCITANE A magical Oil to Milk texture with heavenly spa-like scent created for all day long moisture and non-oily finish. It reduces skin tightness leaving a more supple and comforted skin. Almond Delicious Hands by L’OCCITANE. The non-greasy formula enriched with Almond milk and oil with creamy texture is a silky-smooth cream that helps to nourish and soften the hands while enveloping them with the subtle and mouth-watering scent of fresh Almonds. Perfect for hydrating hands throughout the day. Almond Delicious Soap by L’OCCITANE. Almond ingredients of 100% Haute Provence origin reflects the commitment in hand soap holding the light, floral fragrance of almond blossoms, and contains crushed almond shells to gently exfoliate skin.

Soothing Body & Face Cleanser , A gentle, low-foam cleanser to protect and soften the skin on both body and face Soothing Universal Repair Cream Rich, A rich, barrier-building, all-purpose cream. Formulated to deeply moisturise dry, irritated and dehydrated skin, wherever you need it. Soothing Overnight Face Balm A deeply hydrating, overnight, treatment to help soothe and calm skin. Wake up to skin that appears plumped and healthy. all three products are by Aroma active Candle set by Fatface adds a little extra ambience during celebrations, whatever they may “bee”, with this fun and festive set of three candles. They committed to using more sustainable materials. Christmas decorations A to L letters J and O by Fatface

Double Oak Smoked Chilli Sauce & Lemon Chilli Sauce by Dr Trouble. This Chilli Sauce is a limited quantity, small-batch, artisanal sauce, produced on our northern Zimbabwean farm, in a custom-built Food Standards Certified facility. They use Lemon Juice 60 %, African Birds Eye and Cayenne Chilli (30%), Asafoetida extract, Ginger, Garlic, Dried Fenugreek and Salt. This product is free of allergen. Stored in glass bottleWhitening toothpaste by L.A. Pacific his toothpaste is having a unique enzyme complex eats the sugar in your mouth and turns it into natural hydrogen peroxide, dissolving stains on your teeth to make your teeth brighter and whiter.Daily shampoo A gentle daily shampoo for a deep nourishing cleanse. Infused with a blend of adam signature essentials oils, aloe vera and vitamins to help stimulate hair growth. Leaves the hair healthy and hydrated., Daily conditioner A rich, nurturing formula that will leave hair smooth, nourished and perfectly moisturised. Contains a blend of the adam signature essential oils, coconut oil and vitamin e to leave the hair shiny and the scalp hydrated, Texture paste is having multi-purpose styling aid gives natural shine and long-lasting flexible hold. Enriched with a blend of the adam signature essential oils. products by Adam
Matte styling clay by Monroe it contains beeswax, clay and sea salt combine to hold the hair in place while adding shine (when applied to damp hair) and texture (when applied to dry hair). Honey extracts add conditioning benefits with lemon, orange and lavender essential oils to help oil control and irritation on sensitive scalps
Shaving gel by Skin regimen. Delicate shaving gel for daily use. Formulated with Tasmanian Pepper Extract, the self-foaming texture facilitates easy application and rapid shaving, leaving the skin soft and smooth. New natural, energizing and reinvigorating aroma for invigorating action on both mind and body.
Mo3 by Escentric Molecule Escentric, Molecules portables are fragrances that slot into sleek, minimalist cases for maximum portability. Each metal case is blasted with stainless steel ‘sand’ to burnish the surface to a soft lustre. It is then anodised for high durability. 

Harry’s Truman gift set includes shaving gel and razor. Heath the original kit includes The Face Wash 150ml – Microbead-free, exfoliating cleansing wash with Black Lava, Activated Charcoal and Brazilian Papaya Extract to cleanse, clarify and revitalise. The Moisturiser 100ml – No-shine, quick-to-absorb moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid and Soliberine and the The Hand Salve 75ml – Hardworking, non-greasy hand cream with anti-pollution benefits to moisturise and protect dry, overworked hands. Invigorating routine by rituals. This wonderful gift pack is the perfect present for a friend or family member or for treating yourself. Contains 2 x foaming shower gels, body moisturiser and shaving cream. This gift pack will give you the perfect start to the day – exclusive for men.

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