70’s: Groove Is In The Heart

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

Groove is in the heart? Or is it in the platform shoes?

Summer is approaching and this season sees the return of 70’s fashion.

So the time that fashion forgot, was never actually forgotten. So what is about the 70’s that we can’t get enough of?

TP 11

Within the 1970’s a time of freedom arose; from creativity and above all, disco. The time of restrictive fashion and expectations were gone. Women could wear whatever their hearts desired, express themselves through fashion and for once the dance floor was no place to hide. Painting your entire body gold or silver, or dressing up in a costume – all normal things stood out in order to fit in.





Men grasped this oppotuninty, grabbed there comb and took to the dance floor. Disco allowed men to partake in actives that were considered feminine, for example grooming and getting ready for the night ahead.




The 1970s didn’t just allow women to wear next to nothing, it allowed men to explore and express there feminine side-resulting in androgynous looks that ranged from three-piece suits to pussy-bow blouses.

The death of disco within the late 1970’s didn’t stop wrap skirts and lycra from appearing on the this seasons catwalks.

Now who says disco is dead?