A Little Spritz

By Jo Phillips

The world of scent has opened up so much in the last few years, with the opportunity to explore so many different styles and tastes. From perfumes available in high streets to really niche brands the offering has never been so big, almost daunting; but clever subscription services are making the choice of fragrance much easier, allowing not just for perfumes to come straight to own our door but for us to explore scents we may not readily be able to test in a store. Meet Parfumado the new fragrance subscription service that allows a big choice with just A Little Spritz.

When there are literally thousands of perfumes out there how on earth do you navigate the choices? Or maybe you prefer to stick to your ‘signature scent’? However, if the idea of scent really inspired you but you feel a little lost or helpless what about an expert that can help?

Meet Martijn and Floor van Rooy, and their company Parfumado that aims to make the search for new scents easy, fun and affordable, utilizing their expertise, they curate and make the process of sampling new scents an exciting experience.

Martijn had a background in niche perfumes and noticed that the sampling part of the world of perfume was severely lacking. A quick spritz in the shop or taking a card scented home doesn’t give the wearer a true experience of what that fragrance will really ‘grow’ like on them.

Parfumado has already seen great success in the Netherlands and Belgium and now its arrived in the UK. So what do we do?

The service offers the opportunity to try out a new fragrance every four weeks for just £12.95, each month. For this, you will get an 8ml travel-size scent popped through your postbox.

The brand is showcasing over 450 scents including the biggest names such as Tom Ford, Narcisco Rodriguez and Prada to the more niche brands such as AER, Montale and A.N Other.

This allows for each person to choose a fragrance based on curiosity or to be guided by the sites AI algorithm. Based on a tailored 10-question quiz, Parfumado then creates a fragrance profile that helps the process of exploring new scents.

The more reviews left about perfumes tried, the more suggestions it makes which means potentially trying scents never heard. There’s also an ‘ask the experts’ service should personal perfume advice be needed and a Collections section on their website that signposts towards various collections whether that’s sustainable scents, ‘new in’ or perfumes that smell like spring.

With each 8ml spray enough to last 30 days based on an average of four sprays a day, there should be no worry about running out. With the vial of scent comes a travel case with the first order which each fragrance will slot in and out of.

As well as single samples the company does very interesting groups of gift sets sorted via themes like Statement, the Lovers or Gourmand. and on top of that, the brand has just added two new room sprays to the collection.

So ever wanted to try what Amsterdam by Gallivant or Rose Trombone by L’Orchestra Parfum but didn’t know where a store you could try was? then this is a perfect service. A little spritz is just the intro that may well drive you mad with desire because if the sample does become a new love affair then a full bottle can be acquired via the site too.

This subscription service can be cancelled at any time so as not to be tied in and with the option to pause or skip deliveries, giving true creative freedom to widen any perfume portfolio.

To find out more please visit parfumado.com Here

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