Build with Colour

By Mingye Zhu

As the saying from Mexican architect Luis Barragán goes, “My house is my refuge, an emotional piece of architecture, not a cold piece of convenience”. Generally, many of us live in a house made with beige concrete on the outside, or if we are lucky they may be coloured with low saturation, for example, made of grey or rust bricks or even dull wood, but generally, they are very regular uninspiring colours. But there are options, all around the world, there are colourful rainbow homes. Where maybe a typical house has been constructed but a super high octane colour has been added for an extra layer of passion. Here are a few polychrome houses that don’t fall into the usual dull palette and may brighten your day.  Enjoy more in Build with Colour

Luis Barragán, a Latin American architect, preferred eye-catching blocks of colour on his buildings. The colours that could often be observed in Barragán’s works include warm yellow, sunset pink, and lilac which are quite the opposite of the regular dull tones so often seen around the world.

Resonating through the using of blocks of bright colours and geometric structure, the Red Wall’ (La Muralla Roja) designed by Ricardo Bofill, located in Calpe, Spain is another excellent example of colourful building in the world.

La Muralla Roja, Calpe, Spain
La Muralla Roja, Calpe, Spain

If you dream of living in a fairy castle, ‘painted ladies’ could be your taste. ‘Painted Ladies’ refers to the Victorian and Edwardian houses in lovely candy colours in San Francisco. ‘Painted Ladies’ differs themselves from other Victorians by their lovable macaroon colours, creating a beautiful scene on the street. This style of repainting starting in the 1960s, and the term was first used by writers Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen in their 1978 book Painted Ladies:San Francisco’s Resplendent Victorians.

A colourful Victorians in San Francisco, USA
Famous landmark “Painted Ladies” in San Francisco, USA

Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser brought many creative ideas into his architectural works. Apart from the unconventional combination of colours on the walls, the rolling structure of the houses is another peculiarity of his works.

Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna, Austria
Waldspirale, Darmstadt, Germany

Besides these individual houses around the world, there are other streets with houses in abundant of colours that add more fun. For example, La Boca in Buenos Aires and Bo Kaap in Capetown. Both of them are composed of houses in a different bright and colourful scheme. 

Bo Kaap, Capetown, South Africa
La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

While these houses are painted in abundant colours, some houses are decorated with art elements and show unusual characteristics. Such as the Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, with fresh colours and the instrument on the outside wall transformed the building.

Kunsthofpassage, Dresden, Germany

These interesting houses burst upon our life in regularity with an attitude against ordinary. Having seen the normal white and grey bricks in modern life, it is such a joy to explore these colourful houses around the world.

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