Burberry: Crafted with Care

By Jo Phillips

With a long standing, iconic brand like Burberry, when a new collection is set to be released, it is always sure to be elegant, sophisticated and timeless. The DK88 Collection, named after the house code, is a nod to the classic, signature honey-coloured gabardine which was first patent by Thomas Burberry in 1888. The classic colour and style of both the men’s and women’s bags have now been re-imagined as Trench Leather, reflecting the similar look of the original design made by Burberry himself. DK88 has been a fabric that has dawned the coats of the Burberry collection for decades. The uniqueness of the style, colour, and look of The DK88 Collection not only combines a cohesive thread throughout the story of Burberry as a tribute, but hearkens back to a time of care, precision, and craftsmanship in creating each bag.

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There are seven different designs that are being launched, including the fashionable handle bag in two sizes, satchel-like styles, and luggage inspired shapes. Made in Italy, each bag is stamped with a signature pattern that reflects Thomas Burberry’s original fabric. All styles have alligator or smooth calf leather top handles as well as an adjustable cross body strap for versatility. Selected designs feature a fully functional oversized, brass lock and key, that adds a unique element to the design of the bags. The variety and sophisticated style of DK88 range in colour for a combination that can be worn in any season. The devil is in the details with these bags.

The DK88 Bag Collection - Craftsmanship Images_001
The DK88 Bag Collection - Craftsmanship Images_004The DK88 Bag Collection - Craftsmanship Images_002

If this bag looks familiar, you may have caught a glimpse of the timeless silhouette as part of their runway collection in London this past February or in a campaign shot on location at Henry Moore Studios & Gardens. The new collection will be sure to turn heads. The full DK88 collection will be released May 3rd.