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By Jo Phillips

Tips For Sprucing Up Your Car Today

Revamping cars is a popular pastime for many vehicle owners in the UK. While there are plenty of people that may simply give their car a quick wash every month or more, removing dust and grime from the body and wheels of the car, for those that have a bit of pride in their vehicle, there are many other things to be done which can improve the appearance of the car even more. Of course, some of these methods will cost more money and be more time-consuming than others, so it all depends on how much of each you’re willing to spend on sprucing up your car. Here are some suggestions to give you some inspiration for revamping your car today.

Cleaning And Waxing Your Car
As mentioned above, most people will clean their car every now and again. However, this often involved a sponge, some cleaning solution, and some hot water. However, this is not always the most optimal way to wash a car, and so instead, if you want to do this properly, you should consider getting yourself the right items to get a really good shine from the bodywork. Washing your car not only makes it look nicer, but it can actually help to protect the bodywork from environmental damage like rust. Spend plenty of time washing dirt and grime from as much of the car’s body as possible, and then after you’ve thoroughly cleaned and dried the surface, apply high-quality car wax. This can protect the car from minor surface damage like scratches, as well as corrosive damage like that from bird droppings, salt, tree sap, and even UV rays.

Detailing Hard-To-Reach Places
This is a much more time-consuming cleaning session for your car and is often tasked to professionals who have a real knack for it. However, if you’re going to detail your car yourself, you’re going to need plenty of tools and equipment to do it properly. This includes everything from buckets, car soap, sponges, microfiber cloths or towels, wax, glass cleaner, tire brushes, a vacuum cleaner, carpet shampoo, and something called interior detailing spray, which is simply a cleaning solution that’s safe to use on the interior of your car. Once you have all of these items, you’ll want to start with washing, drying, and waxing the exterior, then clean all of the glass, including headlights and taillights, and your mirrors. After this, you’ll then want to clean and polish your car’s wheels and then move on to cleaning the interior of the car, including the upholstery, floor mats, carpets, dashboard and even the ceiling.

Update Your Number Plate

One thing that often drives people to start working on their car is the fact that there’s not a whole lot of personalisation to any particular model. Of course, there are some bespoke vehicles out there, but the chances are that you don’t have one. You might still have a really nice model or even your dream car, but there will be plenty of other cars out there that look identical to yours. This is why many people consider adding custom features to their vehicles, such as an updated number plate. Regtransfers can help you to add private plates to your car. There are a lot of strict laws on car modifications, but you do have a say in what you do to your plate. You will need to do this through a trusted service to ensure the plates are legally recognised.

Add A Body Kit To The Car
Another thing you could try adding to your vehicle is what’s known as a body kit. A body kit is a set of parts that can be added to a car to change its appearance, and you’ll likely be able to find plenty of different options to suit your car. Some might be made to suit a few different cars, and some are made explicitly for one particular model. These parts can include spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers and can be installed by a professional or by yourself if you’re feeling confident in doing this. Just remember that if you are doing it yourself, give yourself plenty of time and be patient with this process to avoid damaging the bodywork.

Install Performance Upgrades
There are certain things you can change in your car that may not have an aesthetic impact but will significantly improve the performance of the vehicle. You can change the engine, suspension, exhaust, tires and many other things to improve the power and efficiency of the vehicle. However, it’s important to remember that there are laws on what you can upgrade in the UK, and you should ensure that you’ve done your research beforehand. Failing to comply with these laws can land you in some serious trouble. This usually involves an on-the-spot fine, but in certain scenarios, these punishments might be much more severe.

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