Electric Go

By Jo Phillips

3 Reasons to Buy an Electric or Hybrid Car

If you’re feeling like you’re getting exploited by fuel companies or are beginning to worry about the state of the environment, now could be the right time to buy an electric or hybrid car. They’ve been getting better than ever lately, and if you want to make instant savings, opting for an electric or hybrid is the way to go. There are many additional perks to owning an alternative fuel vehicle that many people overlook too. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider buying an EV or hybrid car.

Lower Running Costs

The number one reason why most people love their electric vehicles and hybrids is because of how cheap they are to run. It’s estimated that the average electric car owner will only have to spend around £500 to £840 per year to charge their vehicle. In comparison, people who drive petrol and diesel vehicles have to spend around £1000 to £1200 per year on fuel. That’s nearly double what you’d have to pay if you were running an EV.

Another benefit of electric vehicles, the newer ones at least, is that they are less likely to break down. This is because they have fewer mechanical components. You have to be ready to pay slightly more for repairs, however, since parts are more scarce and fewer people can service EVs.

They Can Work for Most Drivers

Electric cars used to have many limitations, but things have changed greatly lately. The median range for electric vehicles has more than quadrupled over the last ten years and will continue to increase. The average electric vehicle now will allow you to drive for more than 250 miles before you need to recharge. This means that you’ll only have to charge your vehicle a few times per week and can use them for long trips if you know that there will be charging stations along your journey.

If you’re still asking yourself, “is an electric car right for me?”, then you should check out ElectriX. They have a handylittle quiz that you can complete in a few minutes, and it will tell you exactly if an electric car is a right choice for your situation. They also provide lots of information on how to pick electric cars and some of the things you have to think about before buying one.

Hybrid Cars Take Away the Disadvantages of Electric Cars

If you’re worried about range issues and want to have more freedom with your car, then going with a hybrid vehicle would be the perfect compromise. Your car will have less of an impact on the environment, and you’ll never have to worry about your car running out of fuel and/or energy ever again. You’ll be able to make huge savings as well. Going hybrid is the perfect option if you’re living in a rural area or like to go on long road trips in remote areas. 

These are all reasons why more drivers should give hybrid and electric vehicles a closer look. There are many more reasons to make the switch, so do your homework on these vehicles and ask people you know who own one about their benefits