Elegant, Intimate Wedding Party

By Jo Phillips

How to Prepare for an Elegant, Intimate Wedding Party

Although weddings are traditionally big events with many guests invited for the celebrations, some couples opt for a more intimate gathering of close friends and family for their wedding party. This choice does not necessarily mean they are working around a limited budget. Indeed, they are ready to splurge on an expensive venue, catering service, and other fancy details for a unique and elegant celebration of their wedding day. Instead, they find that being around people they love during this momentous occasion is more meaningful. Their personal relationships with their guests matter more than having countless people around whom they hardly know. Additionally, having a chosen few allows guests to interact with each other and have a more enjoyable time.

While preparing for an elegant and intimate wedding party may not be as challenging as a big celebration, it still requires careful planning. Although there are fewer guests, you still need to deal with vendors and suppliers, pick out the ideal venue, decide on entertainment, and handle other details to ensure the event’s success.

Below are some helpful tips for preparing for an elegant, intimate wedding party.

Preparing your guest list is one of the first things you must do when planning your small wedding party. Typically, you limit the list to about 50 guests between the two of you. Thus, you and your partner should decide who you want to invite. From there, you can start sending out elegant invitations as early as possible to allow your invitees to arrange their schedules in advance. It would also be best to pick out personal stationery sets you can use for sending your written thank you notes to your guests after the wedding ceremony and party.

Consider hiring a wedding planner

A wedding planner deals with the essential details you may not want to stress about. It is your wedding day, and you want to feel rested and relaxed when the day arrives. They help you deal with wedding vendors, communicate with them about your requirements, take care of decorating the venue and ensure that your guests are comfortable. They also coordinate with your chosen entertainers and ensure that your program during the wedding goes according to schedule. While they carry on with their responsibilities, they are in close contact with you, ensuring that you are satisfied with their services. In short, your wedding planner takes away a load of your mind and gives you the chance to enjoy your wedding party.

Find the ideal venue

Your wedding party venue is an essential factor in the occasion’s success. An intimate wedding party has a few guests, so your venue must accommodate them comfortably without being too expansive. However, the space must neither be too small nor make your guests feel crowded and cramped. You can work with your wedding planner and find a place agreeable for you and your partner and suitable for the number of guests you expect.

Finally, allow yourself to enjoy your intimate wedding party surrounded by your closest family and friends.