Fantasy: Liquid Colour

By Jo Phillips

When warm artistic intuitions blend with bold brilliant use of liquid colour, it unveils the radiant world of artistic universe: the walls and floors become awash with paintings, celebrating colour. ‘Colour into Liquid Air’ an installation by up-and-coming young painter Gracjana Rejmer-Canovas at Habitat showcases a palette of materials such as linen and cotton dyed with natural pigments.


The idea for the installation stems from the process of dying materials with the liquid dye and colours with varied levels of saturation, which give the fabrics an otherworldly quality with inky spots and bleached washes. Gracjana’s artistic vision flows through the many different tones, textures and colours as individual pieces of material come together.

The colour combinations being really important, Gracjana hopes to reach a point when the fabrics find their own way of layering and highlighting each other. “I want the viewer to feel positive and energised for this time of year and hopefully a world away from the grey skies of February,” she says.

Images Courtesy of Habitat

The art installation at Habitat‘s exhibition space on the King’s Road in Chelsea opens on 7th February and runs through 23rd March. A video of the making process will be shown there on loop.

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