Free Form

By Smriti Agrahari

One of the childhood comic character Mr Fantastic, from the famous Marvels comic’s Fantastic Four series who could stretch his body and take any form and shapes, gave a lot of reasons to admire his flexibility, strength and usefulness. If the character could be objectified, it would be similar to the FORMcard, giving living solutions in Free Form.

The inventor of this brilliant product is Peter Marigold, a London based designer. This innovative, multi-functional tool is a handy, credit card-sized piece of thermoplastic plastics that become pliable when heated and then harden again upon cooling.

Why FORMcard?

FORMcard is a versatile and innovative tool that can fit into a wallet and come to varied kinds of use. Being a convenient, usable and visually attractive form eventually becoming essential in our day to day tool kits, just like sellotape and blu-tack.

How FORMcard works?

The FORMcard needs a glass of hot water to turn it from a card into a mouldable clay-like material. It can then be made into something new or used to repair broken objects. At hotter temperatures, the plastic becomes sticky and this is what you need if you want your creation to adhere to other plastics. When the plastic sets, it becomes hard and durable so it’s strong enough to make basic tools, hooks, handles, bespoke mobile phone holders.

Are they Eco-friendly?

These bands are bio-plastic made of plant-based polymers, so it’s biodegradable which tends to break down in 6 weeks time. It is food safe and the dyes used to give the vibrant colours it comes in are free of styrenes and hazardous chemicals.

Umbrella with coffee cup holder

The excellent design idea to free one of your hands when you get out of the coffee shop on a rainy day.

Prism by  Calico Wallpaper

It is an installation that making a rainbow of light. Not very relevant to the form thing, but can be reversed into interesting home decoration. These installations give the room an ambience of refraction and diffusion of light. See more here

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