Function: 3 but not a crowd!

By Jo Phillips

Cire Trudon was started by Claude Trudon who owned a shop on the famous Rue Saint Honore street in Paris. Originally, Claude was a grocer who sold candles to light churches and houses starting out in 1643. The quaint shop has now grown to become one of the most highly regarded candle makers in the world having supplied dignitaries such as Napoleon and homes as grand as Château de Versailles. With the revolution of electricity the house not only survived but flourished.

Each candle was inspired by a story, making each one unique and original.
For example the BALMORAL candle, which talks of the mist after rain sitting on hazy earth alongside fens and meadows; a green and earthy fragrance, or BYRON inspired by the British poet, his taste for freedom and his outspokenness, so think wood, Cognac, and spice notes intermingle, or even the sunny Villa Cyrnos that welcomed the flamboyant in the early-20th century. Queens, poets, and artists met in the shade of fig trees and parasol pines. The villa benefited from Roquebrune’s air of scented lavender mixed with the dry aromas of Provence so the candle is like a citrus aromatic garden.

However, the new in as we head towards spring is the collection Les Belles Matieres (beautiful materials) that includes three new fragrances; Madurai, Tadine and Reggio inspired by three key scents.

These three are very much driven by hero ingredients, they are effortlessly fresh in scent, but don’t be fooled creating these perfect smells are truly complex). The fragrance delivers a sense of simplicity and cleanliness. This means the scent you burn stays constant instead of having layers that get lost. They are also great for those that like specific scents.

There is a woody, floral and a fruity fragrance.
Firstly Madurai consists of Indian Jasmine at its best, and most spiritual. The top is the delicate yet heady Ylang Ylang, and a middle is Sambac absolute with a base of Benzion.


There is Reggio for a full on citrus hit. Think the Mediterranean sea meeting the Calabrian landscape with a hint of Mandarin. Top notes of Grapefruit middle notes of Mandarin and base notes of Mimosa.


Final of the trio is Tadine a seduction in Sandalwood. Originally the oil was used as an ointment for anxiety alongside a treatment for hair and body but is universally loved as a woody smokey fragrance. This candle has top notes of Cardamon middle notes of Sandalwood and base notes of Guaiac wood.


All three of these candles are encased in a rich navy blue glass. The wax made naturally with a burning time of up to 65 hours.
So if you feel ready to own a clean pure fragrance that is the biggest trend so far this year you can get hold of these divine potions From Cire Trudon Selfridges The Conran shop Amara and John lewis

Should you be a candle lover then one thing you’ll know too well is never to blow out your candle with your breath. For many reasons; the wax can slosh everywhere or even send a dark grey smoke piling up which will spoil the lovely aroma of the candle just burnt.

So those clever people at Cire Trudon have come up with the perfect precision tool for snuffing out your candle . There are two versions of the Les Eteignoirs. One with a stand the other with a sphere. Both have a thin brass hook utilised to press the wick into the wax, without pinching or smothering it. This distinguishes the flame without causing it to smoke. Once raised back up and centered, the wax-coated wick can easily be lit up again.



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