Golden Goodness

By Bella Pallett

Not all golden things are crafted from gold but their value to us is still golden. Successful skincare brand AHC has released the Age Defence Real Eye Cream For Face to help instantly hydrate your skin and provide soothing care. Enclosed in a gold vial and wrapped in a foiled gold box this eye cream is a little touch of gilded joy. The AHC exclusive peptide fitted real gold cream is sure to bring some sparkle to your skincare routine. Read more in Golden Goodness.

Beginning in 1999 in Seoul, AHC started as a professional skincare line creating highly effective skincare solutions that quickly became popular. The top quality and easy to use products were created and are now loved by customers all over the world.

The new Age Defence Real Eye Cream For Face has been clinically proven to help effectively fight against wrinkles by helping to improve absorption into the skin using micro-technology. The formula uses exclusive AHC ingredients that are made with particles that are 1/300 of the size of a human pore for a faster and more effective absorption of the cream. This instantly helps to improve skin hydration and elasticity after only one use.

Designed to effectively fight against wrinkles, this cream helps wrinkles that are not only around the eye area but also on the face and neck. The multipurpose cream uses AHC’s Power Golden Thread Complex that contains gold amino acid, gold vitamin, gold collagen and gold hyaluronic acid that has been specially formulated to be moisturising and revitalising.

Choose to use the cream as either a Spot Treatment for eyes or a Total Facial Treatment depending on what is needed most. For a spot treatment, it is recommended to use a toner first and then gently dab the cream around the eyes and let it absorb. Or for a facial treatment, gently spread the product across the face until it has absorbed, focusing on the forehead and cheeks.

Finally, the cream can also be used as an overnight treatment by applying a generous amount to the face before sleep to help achieve hydrated and smooth skin overnight. The 40ml golden bottle is sure to help moisturise your skin no matter what your skincare routine is as well as provide a bit of sparkle to your collection of products.

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