By Jo Phillips

Why the internet is so important and how to get a good deal Let’s face it: we couldn’t live without the internet today. Nor could we live without our laptops, phones, tablets and other devices. We can connect to the internet to save ourselves time and money. These are just two reasons why the internet is so important to us these days. Here are a few more, plus some tips on how to get a good broadband deal.


Thanks to the internet, we can just hop online and find the information we need easily. We save time and, possibly, expense by doing this instead of going down to the library. In a few clicks, we can find videos, blog posts, benchmark resources, images and other sources that provide us with the information we need.


Bottom line: the internet helps us to communicate. We can stay in touch with friends and relatives near and far. We have email and we can stream sound and video with little delay. Again, we can save time and money by communicating over the internet.


We use the internet for work. The internet has transformed businesses and employment. People can telecommute. In fact, people can even make a living from the internet by exercising a profession such as web design or web development.


The internet offers us entertainment. We can play games. We can stream videos and music. We can follow our interests.  Not only that, we can even give feedback over the internet. There’s no end to the resources the internet offers for entertainment.

Picking a good deal

Just as the internet spoils us with all its resources for entertainment and information, it also offers us lots of different broadband deals. But how do you pick a good one? Consider the following:


How much are you willing to pay? At this point it’s worth considering a bundle, which could include TV, phone calls or both. Packages like this can save you money.


Broadband speed is important. You’ll want a download speed of at least 10 Mbps. This is the speed at which your connection downloads information from the internet. The lower the speed, the more painfully slow you could find your internet to use. The higher the speed, the more easily you’ll be able to stream videos online and do what you need to do over the internet.


How are you going to use the internet? If you’re using it to work or to stream videos or play games online, a higher broadband speed will serve you better. Note that if you want to upload content to the internet — say, a video to YouTube or images to a blog — you’ll want an upload speed of around 10Mbps or more.

Contract terms and conditions

For how long do you have to sign up with the service provider? Are there any extra costs you have to pay (especially if you decide to switch to a different service provider)? You should make sure you understand the basics of your contract.

The internet and the devices we connect to it are essential, helping us to save time and money, to communicate, to work and enjoy access to entertainment and information. Choosing a good deal can make things even easier for you. 

Image by AllClear55, used under Pixabay licence