Let your Journey begin!

By Jo Phillips

Finding the right perfume is always a hard task. Indeed, it is something that has to reflect who you are, in other words your scent has to be your signature. If you are a fragrance enthusiast, you have probably by now found the top notes that assist your every move. If you aren’t but wish to be, don’t worry we are here to help! Discover some great new beginners’ perfumes to start your scent journey with:

Michael Kors, Sexy Sunset

Michael Kors

If you are looking for a scent that will suit your colourful personality, Sexy Sunset -Michael Kors’ brand new limited edition perfume- is the winning bet. Both fruity and floral, this fragrance is a delicious mixture of exotic scents. Top notes of nashi pear and lotus flower are in perfect harmony with heart notes of jasmine and magnolia, the whole established on an enchanting wooden base. Sounds like something for you? Well, Sexy Sunset will be available nationwide starting form the 3rd of February.

Shay&Blue, English Cherry Blossom

image 2

Created in 2016, and available this March, English Cherry Blossom is the perfect fragrance for cheerful young women. Like an ode to the beautiful stage of innocence, Dom De Vetta and Julie Massé have created the scent that captures youth. Its sweet notes of black cherries are perfectly balanced with citrusy notes of bergamot, which delivers a delicate balm of spring weather.

DKNY, Limited editions


Inspired by New York’s frivolous night life, DKNY launched Be Electric, its three new limited edition fragrances. At the left, in a delightful fuchsia, we present you Loving Glow a sweet and floral eau de toilette. In the middle, Citrus Pulse a fresh and fruity fragrance with notes of mandarine, nectarine and passion fruits accorded to more floral notes such as  magnolia.The little plus, it comes in a fun neon-orange bottle. At least but not at last,in a bright yellow phial lies Bright Crush, the perfect combination of sweet, fruity and floral. Let yourself be tempted by its delightful touches of plum, peony and vanilla. Why choose one fragrance when you can have three? Embrace your wild side with DKNY.

The Perfume Bible, Josephine Fairley & Lorna McKay


The Perfume Bible is the book  for perfume beginners and lovers! Written by beauty and perfume experts, Josephine Fairley and Lorna Mckay, this “bible” will be your best friend throughout your perfume journey . It will help you find  your personal scent and guide you – with beautiful illustrations- through the history of perfume, transforming you into a unbeatable fragrance expert.

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