By Jo Phillips

With spring in the air the thought of showing off the bits of our bodies that have been hidden away for months is slightly worrying to say the least. Hands hidden in mitten and or feet may well be the scariest of all, tucked away all winter in cuddly socks so we now need to at least start thinking about what we are going to do in way of showing them off to the best advantage.

Well one of the easiest ways to get started is to get those toenails looking good. Nothing quite lifts the spirits like getting our toenails coloured. But toenails and fingernails alike need some loving care before being ready for a splice of colour. So before you start applying fabulous tones to your toes and fingernails make sure the nails are spring ready.

So what little items worth having in your nail care kit? Maybe consider for your feet starting with a good buff to get rid of any lingering dead and dry skin then move on to  Kind Soles by Leighton Denny.  A luxurious dry oil which alleviates dry skin build-up whilst deodorising, that you simply spray onto feet and massage in.

For your hands? Leighton Denny have a new treatment oil to nourish and soften hands and cuticles whilst improving the appearance of wrinkles with a powerful anti-oxidant. Time Repair anti-ageing hand therapy (left hand side of image) Hands are hydrated and nourished by simply applying to hands, nails and cuticles and massage in to absorb. Feel free to give yourself a little hand massage at the same time. And if your hands are looking a little tired there is a new nail and hand treatment for ridged, ageing nails that lack moisture and smoothness. it contains all sorts of goodies including Cocoa & Shea butter, Sweet Almond, Plum & Avocado Oil and Argan Oil all fight wrinkles and add moisture. Rub a pea sized amount into hands rub together until the cream is absorbed. Use as often as required.

Another treatment for both hands and feet is Time Repair Anti – Ageing miracle oil.  A new treatment oil from Leighton Denny to nourish and soften hands and cuticles whilst improving the appearance of wrinkles.

Consider moving on to Rock Solid by Leighton Denny a reinforcement treatment for fragile soft or sensitive nails.  Although primarily for hands and nails (If you happen to be an addict to acrylics then this is just the treatment to use between applications as we know the damage those fake nails can cause) but works also for toenails that have gotten soft from lack of light and air. Simply brush a thin layer onto bare nails and repeat daily to build up as a treatment. (Bottom right hand side of image)

So now what colours? well we do love love love these dirty sorbets to bright tones for summer by Leighton Denny. From a soft dirty camo green to denim blue all the way to a almost edible red apple and cafe mocha tone, not forgetting the wonderfully dirty mustard.


Last but not least don’t get caught putting your sandals on before your toes are dry, but if you want a helping hand why not try Leighton Denny Miracle drops. The drops accelerates the evaporation of chemicals in nail polish that make it a liquid so that the polish dries and hardens much more quickly. With a built-in drop for ease of use and a 6ml bottle; simply drop on each nail after applying polish and wait all of five seconds!  (top right hand side of picture)

Last but not least – we love this little secret product. Don’t you hate it when your favourite colour starts to thicken before you have either finished it or got to the shop to buy a new one? then this is your life saver. As Good as New by Leighton Denny An amazing nail polish reviver which will extend the life of your favourite nail colour! so easy to use too, just add a drop into the bottle and rub between your palms to mix.