Natural; A classic fruit

By Jo Phillips

In terms of sheer, natural joy, how many sensations can truly compare to the first bite of a perfectly ripe clementine? The visceral satisfaction as the skin of the fruit gives way, the effervescent spritz of fresh citrus atomized into the air, the indulgent rush of fresh, sweet juice running down your chin- this is the sensation perfectly captured in Clementine California, a marvel of a new fragrance from Atelier Cologne that will leave you pining for the Golden State. Its the perfect combination of a rich, sun kissed day in California that is warm and inviting about it. And while the first spray is a Proustian marvel, instantly drawing you back to your sunniest childhood memory, the remainder of the fragrance is equally wonderful. With citrus notes of clementine, mandarin and juniper, infused with a warm heart of star anise, Sichuan pepper and Egyptian basil; enhanced with a woody base of sandalwood, Haitian vetiver, and French cypress, this perfume is the summer must have. The notes are setting the stage for a naturally woody base featuring zingy vetiver. Lively and fresh, juicy and vibrant, Clementine California is substantial enough to cut through the cold when you’re pining for the West Coast, but shimmering enough to rock with style when you actually make it out here.

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