Natural: Heart of Gold – Atelier des Ors

By Jo Phillips

Speckles of real gold leaf swim through Atelier des Ors bottles. When the fragrance is sprayed on the skin it leaves a gentle gold twinkle on the skin. Everything about this perfume sings of pure lux as the gold dust languidly caresses the body. The French haute parfumerie uses only the most precious and exclusive raw materials. The brand is totally dedicated to creating the finest experience and scent available.

Atelier des Ors is a new brand, founded in 2015 now with 7 perfumes. Born from a desire to rekindle an element of mystery and imagination in perfume, Marie Salamagne is the artisan who crafted the fragrances. Their aim is to create perfume with poetry and they create everything as a work of art; the bottle, the name, the scent. They use only the rarest and finest fragrances in their pursuit of perfection. The idea for the perfume range came from art director Jean-Philippe Clermont and his collaboration with perfumer Marie Salamagne. Everything they do comes from classic French haute perfume.


The company are on the verge of releasing their seventh fragrance MUSC IMMORTEL, exclusive worldwide to Harrods. it is named after the immortelle flower, renowned for its warm, caramelised and toasted lasting aroma.

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