Paris 1 SS20

By Jo Phillips

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Image left hand side Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The focus of this collection was the 70s and collars with psychedelic prints. The collection featured a lot of vibrant greens, oranges, browns and purples with mixing checkered, pinstripes, psychedelic and floral prints. The collection had a structured work-wear style that featured many 70s inspired headbands placed on the forehead. The focus of the silhouettes was often on the large poufy shoulders and slim but loose styles of the tops and dresses. 

Junya Watanabe

The entire collection was based on trenchcoats with different versions of each one. Cutouts, lace, leather and latex set apart each trench coat from the other. Most of the line was the classic tan-colored trench with the end of the show focusing on all black trench coats. Each coat was styled with pops of neon pinks or lime greens in the form of leggings or tight layered long sleeves underneath each coat. The silhouettes were generally loose and the dresses, coats and skirts made of the trench coats were each styled with a black wig. 


Balenciaga Spring collection took place in a political arena-a faux “Balenciaga parliament or assembly,” which showcased “power dressing and fashion uniforms.” From ballroom dresses to shoulder-heavy ensembles, Balenciaga took everything to its extreme whilst still staying chic. Colours ranging from black to lime green and red, prints of many variations were utilised in powerful silhouettes.

Ann Demeulemeester



Haider Ackermann




Saint Laurent

Maison Margiela

Paris 2

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