Power; Roll With It

By Julie Jacobs

To the dismay of my Editor (who knows everything there is to know about fragrances) I’m not a big fan of perfumes.  I like the idea of wearing them but when it comes down to it I feel slightly claustrophobic…I like them on others and if truth be told I’m actually a little bit jealous of people who get a thrill from choosing and wearing them.
However, in the last eighteen months I’ve been wearing aromatherapy roll-ons.  I know they’re not perfumes but when applying them on my pulse points these natural aromas make me feel like I’m part of the ‘fragrance club’ but better still they have an effect on me that simply make me smile.  I keep them close to hand, one lives in my handbag  and one lives on my desk so I can touch up throughout the day where ever I am.

I’m a bit like a kid in a sweet shop deciding which to use on any given day/hour  until once I was choosing an Aromatherapy Associates body oil in Space NK when I put one particular bottle to my nose; I could not retract it quick enough I really didn’t like the smell AT ALL and the therapist said that was a good way of choosing what you needed at that point in time, so now I try not to read too much in to it  (or the label)  and just go by my sense of smell.  If my reaction is ‘ahhh!’ I use it if it’s ‘umm?’ I leave it for another day…simply put I allow my nose to lead me.  And it’s not just about me because I’ve seen the effect  Aromatherapy Associates Relax  Roll-on had on a model once, she noted the smell – on my wrist pulse points – leaned back and smiled, so without fail that’s the one I use while working.

I know they’re NOT perfumes and should not be put in the same category and I don’t…there’s a value to them more than just a scent, it’s the added benefit of the little touch of healing that comes with.

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Beauty Editor  Julie Jacobs
Photographer  Jason Yates

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