Purophi – Kind to your skin and the planet

By A.N Other

‘Purophi’ or otherwise known as Pure Organic Philosophy, have employed a new approach to traditional cosmetics which you will definitely want to know about. This company started off from scientifically researching green, sustainable chemistry, and have spring-boarded from there to create formulations that are aligned with the earth’s ecosystem, without including any elements that are harmful to the skin or the planet.

This brand has mastered the connection of science and technology with cosmetics, and the potential synergies between the organic and inorganic. They have used this knowledge to rethink the concept of purity for their products. There couldn’t be a more natural brand on the market right now.

Purophi produces a vast range of deluxe skincare which contains active, bio-cosmetic ingredients, which are sure to tackle specific skin problems. Each product contains enzymatic bio-liquefied substances from organic vegetable peels. Another plus is that they are vegan-friendly. Here are some of their most popular products to be on the lookout for:

Purophi 1


CLEANSING 4, 200 ml

This is a soft cream with 4 different actions: To cleanse, remove facial makeup, remove eye makeup, and to act as an antioxidant and moisturising mask. It is suitable for all skin types. Containing substances from goji berries, chamomile extract, natural vitamin E, shea butter and red grape peels.


This serum renews and exfoliates the skin, while stimulating microcirculation and the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Containing mandelic acid, bio-liquefied lemon peel substance, bio-liquefied wheat bran substance, bio-liquefied red grape skin substance, citric acid and aloe juice.

ALFA TONIC, 200 ml

This tonic protects the skin against elements which cause premature ageing, such as pollution. It ensures hydration and elasticity, this due to alpha hydroxyl acids and biophenols. Containing bio-liquefied tomato skin substance, bio-liquefied apple peel substance, bio-liquefied lemon peel substance, bio-liquefied wheat bran substance, liquorice, iris, sweet clover, orange, red grape, tartaric, sage and citric acids.

My age 1

24-hour creams:

MY AGE Normal and dry skin, 50 ml and MY AGE MAT Oily skin, 50 ml

Purophi have concentrated isoflavones and phytoestrogens found in soy peptides (which regulate the production of collagen and elastin) into these two creams for normal, dry skin and for oily skin. It also provides a natural anti-ageing action, fights ageing spots and helps fight free radicals and oxidative stress.

MY AGE Normal and dry skin contains: soy peptides, meristematic cells from red grapes (stem), bio-liquefied red grape skin substance, bio-liquefied tomato skin substance, bio-liquefied olive skin substance, jojoba oil, stabilized vitamin c, shea butter and natural vitamin E.

MY AGE MAT Oily skin contains: Soy peptides, meristem cells from red grapes (stem), bio-liquefied red grape skin substance, bio-liquefied olive skin substance, bio-liquefied tomato peel substance, burdock root, liquorice, thistle milk, echinacea, natural vitamin E and vitamin C.

My age 2

Intensive Treatments:

MY AGE White diamond elixir+, 30 ml serum

A combination of ingredients to ensure the firming and de-pigmentation of skin. Containing a synergistic blend of 10 natural active ingredients: mushrooms, flowers, fruits, plants and sugars) to create a formulation which aims to treat age spots, irregular pigmentation and photo-ageing. For mature skin.

MY AGE Lifeblood oil, 30 ml oil

A formulation of nourishing and firming anti-ageing ingredients make up this lifeblood oil. It stimulates the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastic fibres. This oil is for normal and dehydrated skin types. Containing argan oil, jojoba oil, coenzyme Q10, ceramide 3, unsaponifiable olive oil and natural vitamin E.

My age 3


MY AGE Luminous eye-lip, 20 ml

This luminous eye-lip targets the areas affected by facial expressions where wrinkles appear. It softens these wrinkles through a combination of ingredients full of hyaluronic acid and bio-liquefied red grape skin substance. Very useful for age spots and sagging skin. For all skin types. This product contains jojoba oil, stabilised vitamin C, aloe juice, natural vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and meristem cells from grapes (stem).

So, if you’re on the lookout for a new product that is high in performance, educated on the science of your skin, and not to mention kind to the planet, try out Purophi. Available exclusively at Fenwick London .  Elizabeth Greatrex