Radiant; Yellow Fury

By Ornella Biagetti

In his blog Ian Nathan calls himself ‘a film critic who went long’ because as a film critic who worked as an editor at Empire Magazine, where he could only publish short pieces yet he who so much more to say that it was more appropriate to start to write books about the cinema, directors and about famous film series franchises.

Bookshop shelves are already full of books about the big names in international cinema, but this volume will certainly catch your eye for its standing-out bright yellow cover.

The format is hardcover in a slip-on box with repeated graphic, featuring the iconic ‘Kill Bill’ katana sword on a warm yellow background. In Kill Bill, Tarantino decided that Uma Thurman’s character Beatrix Kiddo had to wear a yellow jumpsuit as an homage to Bruce Lee who, legend has it, chose that colour as statement about his race and his culture or, as another more practical story says, on the main scene in ‘Game of Death’ Lee’s character needed a bright colour to make the fighting marks more evident.

In this book ‘Quentin Tarantino – The iconic filmmaker and his work’, Ian Nathan deals with the subject as an experienced film journalist, adding information about Tarantino’s biography, stories he told the press during the countless interviews and some interesting backstage anecdotes. things that may not be well known to the general public,

It is a concise encyclopedia displaying Quentin Tarantino’s films grouped in chronological order with their similarities with films from the past that inspired him. In the centre of the book there is a useful timeline of the complete career of Tarantino, over a folded double-page spread.

The filmography is complete from the 1983 first short film ‘Love birds in bondage’ to the latest ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ and sources of articles and quotes are all listed at the end of the book.

This new book is a celebration for all of Tarantino’s cinema fans and also the passion of the author. As a joy to the eye, the book is packed with photos, portraits of the actors and fascinating shots of Mr.Tarantino at work on set.

Quentin Tarantino – The iconic filmmaker and his work By Ian Nathan

White Lion Publishing

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