Re-Vamp – Another listen

By Jo Phillips

In light of our RE-VAMP theme this month and Tunes Tuesday we’ve decided to do a perfect two in one because new music always gives you that great feeling of satisfaction, but sometimes it the hearty classics that bring you comfort.

So we asked Frida Sundemo Sweden-born songstress who is our Tuesday star to pick her favourite  new songs that have a re-vamped from the classic feel and this is what she came up with;

unnamed (2)

Didn’t we almost have it all – Timo Räisinen
‘Doesn’t it almost have it all?’

– Your Eyes Open – Neamo Kid

– By my hero and sister –  Linnea.
‘It makes me wanna cry (in a good way).’

Nothing compares 2 U – Sinead O Connor
‘Anyone who doesn’t love this must have no feelings. ‘

Oh, so quiet – Björk
‘Makes me wanna dance on a rainy day.’

No surprises – Rockabye Baby
‘The best lullaby!’


Apart from picking great songs, Frida has also been busy herself, ‘It’s OK’ is her latest release through Cosmos Music, and she is gearing up to drop her debut album with the leading Scandinavian label soon.

Frida grew up immersed in music and initially inspired by the guitar-driven sounds of her older brother’s record collection, including as the music of Radiohead, The Strokes and Weezer.

Her new single is being touted as some of the best work yet. You can listen to ‘It’s OK’ here but you can watch the just released special live vocoder session of the single here.

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