Revamp; Do some good with Art?

By Jo Phillips

Lorenzo Belenguer, the Valencian artist based in London, inaugurates his artistic space on Friday May 262017  in his Art Space Studio Mediterraneum  Villar del Arzobispo, a tiny village in the province of Valencia, which is the artist birth place;  a duo exhibition with Emilio Vieites with the funds raised for the sale of  works being donated to Caritas, Red Cross and UNHCR. All works can be acquired online with the exception of the ones priced at 50 euros, because the people attending the preview will have priority.  The events tie into the 57th Vience Bieannale

For this occasion both artists have selected six original works that will offer for reduced prices with the intention of facilitating access to contemporary art and its acquisition. The outdoor art exhibition will be complemented by a talk and has been made with the aim of raising funds for three NGOs: Caritas, Red Cross and UNHCR, the UN Agency for Refugees, chosen by the students of the Institute of Education Secondary “La Cañada”.


Emilio Vieites has opted for this project because “there is a challenge for me in this” dialogue “with Lorenzo Belenguer in showing the work itself, with all its weight, without the protection or resources of a room Museum. I want to be consistent with the times that we live and claim the return to childhood that promulgated Federico García Lorca. Beyond interculturality, it is essential to claim a space to survive with dignity and recover the individual essence of the human being. It is in this simplicity desired that I show my works, as a reflection of life, that wants to be also generous with those charitable associations that are faithful witness of our deficiencies and our injustices.

Belenguer commented that he is very excited “to start developing art projects in my town, Villar, and it is a great honor that an artist of the stature of Vieites has accepted my invitation. I am very grateful for the generous collaboration of residents, NGOs and IE students from La Cañada. ”

Emilio Vieites Aguiar is a mostly abstract painter who works on canvas in large format. Human existence and its fragility are topics to which he resorts very frequently, especially since the impact of the Twin Towers attack in New York at the beginning of the century. The loss, and with it the constant desire to return to Paradise, are part of their new projects. After his exhibitions in New York, at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and an individual show at MUBAM in Murcia, he decides to settle in that city where he currently resides.

Lorenzo Belenguer is an artist, curator and art consultant based in London and Valencia. Belenguer, heavily influenced by Minimalism and Art Povera, has exhibited or participated in performance at the Tate Modern, Serpentine Galleries and at the 56th Venice Biennale. As commissioner, Belenguer directed an exhibition hall, The Gallery at Willesden Green, in London for 7 years and a project, Testimonies, for the London Olympics in collaboration with the BBC and London City Council. He is currently the founder of Estudio Mediterraneum with the intention of promoting dialogue between artists from different places through talks and exhibitions.Lorenzo-Jada-jpg

If you are interested in purchasing works and are not able to be at the event please look at the gallery here.
The  exhibition runs Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May from 12:00pm  to 17:00pm with a talk on Saturday May 27 at 19:00pm in the hall of the Town Hall.
Facebook info is here