Revamp: Black Is Back

By Jo Phillips

Black is Back in fashion. Really, it never went anywhere whether it was in vogue or not. It’s one of those things that clings to classic and cool like a moody disposition. Wearing black is easy and has slimming qualities – true – but really it evokes cool: French New Wave black and white film; the black attire preferred by the Romantic poets Byron, Shelly and Keats; Black leather motorcycle jackets of James Dean and Marlin Brando; and the unforgettable little black dress. These are maybe some of the only trends which defy Oscar Wilde when he said that “fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every six months”. We’re re-vamping black this month.

DIAMONDWHITES: Black Edition – Tooth Polish

DIAMONDWHITES – The teeth whitening company – have released their natural charcoal tooth polish. It’s made up of 100% activated coconut shell charcoal, which whitens teeth, strengthens gums and removes toxins and bacteria. It’s a simple three step method: (1) Gently dip your toothbrush into the powder (2) Brush your teeth in a small circular motion and (3) Rinse well and spit into the sink. The result is a uniform white, perfect for use multiple times a week, or as an after red-wine clean up.


JUSBOX: Black Powder

JUSBOX are soon to release their Black Powder perfume. This new niche Italian perfume designer focuses on the connection between music and perfume for inspiration. In this way, they evoke different sounds through different smells. Black Powder is their recreation of the grunge era – the period of Kurt Cobain, and the fight against social alienation through Existentialism. For Black Powder, Julien Rasquinet has played with leathery aromas, as provocative as the bohemian attitude of Kurt Cobain, and the lineage of the leather jacket, from Marlin Brando and James Dean. The result is an intense, deep, sensual and mysterious scent. Black Powder is released from June 1st.

Black Powder_opt

nügg: Charcoal Skin Detox Face Mask

The beauty and skin care brand nügg, committed to providing top quality beauty treatments at affordable prices with over 90% natural ingredients, have realised their new charcoal face mask. Like DIAMONDWHITES Black Edition tooth polish, they are taking advantage of the new trend of using charcoal in beauty products, for its naturally purifying qualities. For normal, oily or acne-prone skin, the product leaves a clear and mattified complexion, controlling shine without over drying. Black charcoal and Kaolin Clay detoxify the skin and draws out impurities while Oatmeal, Zinc and Aloe juice help soothe the skin. The addition of Tea Tree oil makes this perfect for acne-prone skin. This product goes well above the company’s usual 90% naturally sourced ingredients, with 97% naturally derived ingredients. To apply, use a generous amount of the content of a pod onto clean and dry skin. Leave for 10 minutes before rinsing and removing the mask with a damp washcloth. Use weekly or when needed.


Devon Halfnight Leflufy

Antwerp based Canadian fashion designer Devon Halfnight Leflufy has firmly solidified his place in the fringes of fashion design with his SS17 Menswear show. He incorporates block blacks with a punk and rave orientated aesthetic, reiterating what he has always created: a “nostalgia for the future”.

Devon Halfnight black 1_optBurberry

For their SS17 read-to-wear collection, Burberry have focused on black and white as well. Their classic aesthetic reminds us of the melancholia of the Romantic poets, but illustrates something so immutably elegant and characteristic of the only global British luxury designer. Burberry black 1_opt