RIPPED: Evolving and distinguishing architecture

By Leah Sinclair


The evolution of art is ripped, weaved and inspired from a variety of places throughout time.  This can be seen in Owen Hopkins’ ‘Architectural Styles.’ which explores the different types of architecture built over time. The beautiful visuals fill each page, highlighting architectural styles ranging from neoclassical, gothic revival and baroque. The sweeping images focuses on the niche characteristic features of nearly 300 buildings, identifying key styles of western architecture, from the classical age to the present day.


Ossian Ward’s ‘Ways of Looking’ is another book exploring the visual progression of architecture in society, noting the change in familiar styles and movements which categorised art production in the 21st century. Ways of Looking provides a six-step guide to understanding contemporary art, transforming the readers viewpoint on sometimes intimidating cutting edge art, to a sensually rewarding experience.

This photographic experience of architecture throughout time shows us not only the changes in design, but also the similarities they still echo today. While social conditions and societal values may have changed, iconic architecture stands the test of time and influences the most modern artists and architecture today.




Architectural Styles: A Visual Guide by Owen Hopkins (Laurence King Publishing, £14.95)

Ways of Looking: How to Experience Contemporary Art by Ossian Ward (Laurence King Publishing, £9.95)
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