Saturate; The Future is Bright

By Jo Phillips

The NYC menswear label Duckie Brown style can be summarised by one word..saturate, our theme of the month. Why? because this pair of witty, superbly talented designers colour palette, fabric choices and shapes have always been let’s say ’emphatic’ . But let’s be clear, clever and loud, in a thought provoking and intelligent way.  The silhouette they are known for overly large, soft and drapy was not common place in menswear until they cam along.  Large billowing shirting in organza, the shortest short is leopard print silk,  crutch hanging draw-string pants, super-large soft sliver leather man bags, always binary long before the term gender neutral came along.

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Images from past seasons

They used Polka dots, beading, sheer and heavy fabrications as well as bright colours; Yellow, Pinks, Salmons, Lilac,  and Baby Blues quite the rainbow yet not in a showy way,  but clean, crisp with  sharp edges that define they designs; there is a cleanliness to each outfit a definiteness, a clarity and most of all a modernity; mix up with a good slice of humour.  All presented on the catwalks on NYC mens shows for 16 seasons.


Images from collections available now

It’s the modernity along with probably necessity  that brings the Duckie Boys to their next step, opening a private  by appointment store within their West Village work space. As two astute men working in a tragically uncertain markert-place what can you do but take control of your own destiny, and thats exactly what they have done.  As a small label with out the backing of a conglomerate  thinking sideways is the best course of action.  And  let’s face it if any one can think in a lateral way these boys can.
So going forward the store which you need to make an appointment ( to visit.  They  will sell collections that are non seasonal and  will be constantly  rolling  new editions selling alongside vintage  pieces of their own whilst also stocking  scarves are by David Holah for Miameea,  Pereos from Spain prayer kettles from Ghana and pottery by Jenn Hoffman and Roberrt Cluck.


The duckies are excited by the face to face relationship going forward they will have with their customers because after all should you want a trouser altered, a sleeve made short you are right there in the working bowls of the company, being served by the designers themselves.  Nobody sells their designs better than the creators .  And with people buying their apparel non seasonally and on a far more if and when basis surely this model of business will only grow.  Designer direct to consumer.  A more tactile and personal relationship, be it face to face or via website this is the future .  Fitting then that two gents with such a modernist outlook are just steaming ahead.
Appointments to the store  via    There will be an updated website which will be an e-commerce store
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