Scented Artful Delight

By Bella Pallett

When a fragrance is crafted it is often inspired by a feeling or memory and so when you are the craftsman behind a scent, you can create the signature fragrance of your dreams that is tailored perfectly to you. Read more in Scented Artful Delight.

Successful fragrance brand Floral Street is celebrating its collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum with an art-inspired fragrance masterclass experience. The scent curated in the collaboration, Sunflower Pop, is a joy-bringing, sun-soaked scent bursting with optimism that features Van Gogh’s iconic ‘Sunflowers’ painting and showcased on the bottle so that you can have your very own miniature art piece.

Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890) ‘Sunflowers’ 

Expanding this further, Floral Street x Van Gogh Museum now offer a live masterclass where you can craft the scent of your dreams. By ordering the Floral Street x Van Gogh Museum® scentschool™ Box, you get to book the class for when is easiest for you so no matter what your schedule is like, you can take the time to treat yourself.

The limited-edition class brings the world of fine fragrance and fine art together as you receive a mini discovery set containing 5 of Floral Street’s favourite fragrances, including the latest launch, Sunflower Pop. You will also receive a pack of fragrance blotters, so you can spritz the fragrance as you learn from the guest master perfumers, as well as the fragrance expert Floralistas.

The class takes place over Zoom for a live art-inspired experience where you are guided through how to craft your perfect fragrance. You will learn new skills as well as getting the opportunity to experiment freely.

Michelle Feeley, founder of Floral Street is on a mission to bring fine fragrance to modern men and women, and the innovation of the masterclass is perfect for achieving this. So whether you are a fan of fine art or fine perfumery, this class will guide you through the process of designing your dream scent as well as teaching you the top tricks of the industry.

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