Sensory Delight

By Bella Pallett

A corner of a bottle glints in the sunshine as the light reflects casting a beautiful rainbow throughout the room. The luxurious bottle is crafted from crystal glass to ensure it is bespoke and beautiful, housing a scent that is heavenly and designed to take you on a voyage of sensory delight.

The luxury fragrance brand, Fragrance Du Bois’ new scents will take you on a voyage of sensory delight and transport you to a realm of joy with their craft. Sparkling in the new bespoke crystal glass bottle, the new scents have been designed by master perfumers using only the finest ingredients.

Gaining global notoriety through being a trailblazer in the world of fragrance, Fragrance Du Bois believes that magic can be made when master perfumers and leaders of the field come together to share their creative vision, passion and talent. Featuring prestige perfumes for all times of the year that can transform thoughts, feelings and emotions, Fragrance Du Bois brings you signature scents that envelop you in luxury.

Proudly working with the same master perfumers as day one, with internationally renowned names such as Olivier Pescheux, Natalie Cetto, Christian Provenzano and hot new talent like Sandra Dziad means consistency and quality are always guaranteed in the formulas. Through supporting master perfumers who bring their passion and creative vision, each collection from within the brand is ensured to be unique and luxurious. They have seven different distinct collections that include Fashion Capitals, Shades du Bois, Natures Treasures, Prive and Crystal as well as Special releases. Working alongside 13 master perfumers, Fragrance Du Bois always works hard to craft the best possible scent.

Celebrating the brand’s iconic scent London Oud, (originally created as a bespoke perfume for David Haye, former World Boxing Champion) the scent has been reworked to create a brand-new olfactory experience, London Spice, that evokes a crisp London morning. Allowing the spice notes to shine, the scent has been crafted without the pure Oud to create a lighter and fresher experience. The new take on the classic scent is perfect for the modern man who wants to stand out both day and night, the distinctive scent is the fragrance of champions, anointing those who are victors with a distinctive and fresh scent.

With invigorating bursts of lemon, bergamot and spearmint that evoke a crisp London morning, the fragrance then hints at blooms of lavender, jasmine, white flowers with marine notes to add a sense of freshness. And finally unfurling into the rich, warming base of patchouli, cedarwood, spicy nutmeg and cardamom to create a long-lasting effect that lingers on the skin deep into the night, the scent is crafted to invigorate the senses. The notes that make this luxurious perfume are perfectly crafted to help you stand out from the crowd.

The successful collection, Natures Treasures has a new addition, Solstis, that is the perfect scent for long summer days and the fast-approaching long winter nights. Inspired by natures summer and winter solstice, the fragrance is the lover’s ultimate scent. The dreamlike scent is for all seasons and tells the story of the intimate relationship between the two annual solstices of the sun that shine brightly in their crystal bottle.

Opening with citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot, the poetic scent conjures up amour and adoration. The heart notes of the fragrance herald the end of the summer season with earthy spices and zesty white florals giving way to autumnal nutmeg, neroli and cardamom. Japanese vetiver mixes with delicate milky green notes that are delivered by sensual sandalwood and a dash of vanilla as the seasons turn to winter.

Alongside these two new scents, Fragrance Du Bois is also introducing a brand-new collection, For Lovers. With two new scents, this collection is for him, for her, and intended to be shared.


The first scent, Cavort, is an intensely intimate fragrance that underpins the excitement of a first encounter, the anticipation of a stolen second glance and the soft touch of a hand brushing skin. The scent will stimulate your senses with a complex blend of spicy Cinnamon and soft but potent Geranium while exotic floral mid-notes blend in. Alluring and sophisticated, this scent is an intriguing fragrance filled with unchartered promise.

Top: Saffron, Davana, Geranium, Cinnamon.
Heart: Rose Absolut, Orange Flower, Ylang, Jasmin.
Base: Indonesian Patchouli, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Indian Incense.

Secret Tryst

Or envelop yourself in a fragrance that is daring and irresistible with Secret Tryst. The new and intoxicating perfume is for those who crave passion with a sense of adventure with invigorating notes of Bergamot, Citrus and Cedarwood. With mid-notes of Jasmine and the raw, earthy musk of Vetiver and Frankincense, whilst Rose adds a touch of racy romance to your dalliances.

Top: Bergamot, Saffron, Indian Cardamon.
Heart: Rose, Jasmin, Cedar Wood, Vetiver.
Base: Patchouli, Frankincense, Cistus, Vanilla

You can currently browse the new scents by Fragrance Du Bois –, Selfridges and Jovoy Mayfair, so you can try the immersive experience yourself. With four categories of fragrances; floral, oriental, woody and fresh, there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy. You can also browse these categories online or explore the collections that have been luxuriously crafted by the master perfumers.

For the Crystal Collection, Fragrance Du Bois has teamed up with Swarovski to transform their perfume bottles into exclusive and luxurious objets d’art. Each piece is hand adorned by a Swarovski Artist with Between 4 and 6000 Swarovski certified crystals to showcase your exquisite perfume in a sparkling bottle of crystals.

Regarding their applications towards a more sustainable world:


Fragrance Du Bois never test any products or ingredients on animals, nor do they commission or condone any such testing to be done on their behalf. Fragrance du Bois routinely carries out detailed audits on all their ingredient suppliers’ supply chains to ensure they meet their standards.


All Fragrance Du Bois boxes, cartons and sleeves are made of fully recyclable or biodegradable paper. Fragrance Du Bois only use sustainably certified packaging and approved paper and don’t use single-use plastic or cellophane blister packs on any of their products.

Online Orders

Fragrance Du Bois outer cartons are 100% recyclable, the wood chips inside are fully biodegradable. All parcel deliveries are made with sustainably verified and carbon-neutral couriers.

The lungs of our planet that soak up CO2 from the atmosphere and provide us with clean, fresh air are suffering because of tree felling and deforestation fires. And so to prove their loyalty to sustainability, Fragrance Du Bois promotes sustainable forestry to prevent the ruthless exploitation of rainforest areas by using only sustainably-sourced and certified products.

Fragrance Du Bois also invites you to help them by joining them on a sensory journey to rethink luxury perfumes in the modern world and campaigning to say no to single-use plastics to help redefine what luxury means and how it affects our planet. Immerse yourself on a voyage of sensory delight as you experience Fragrance Du Bois’ new luxuriously crafted scents that are housed in the new crystal glass bottle and designed for those who are ready to feel invigorated.

Fragrance Du Bois are available,Selfridges and Jovoy Mayfair

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