Revamp; Specs on Specs

By Jo Phillips

As someone who wears glasses, I know the hassle of trying to find the perfect frame, but after all the hard work, you get bored. The Same pair of glasses, day in day out. Well not anymore.



This beautiful idea was culturally inspired by the multi-armed Indian goddess Kali lands that are in stores NOW. If you like to experiment with different outfits and styles, then you can’t overlook the assessor on your face. The fashion-forward specs are enabling you to channel your inner fashion goddess with the ability to pick your glasses arms to match your style and mood.

They don’t just cater to three or even four moods, try 13 unique styles, because we all know our moods can sometimes be like the British weather and Red or Dead understand that. Matching glasses doesn’t just have to be one bold colour, although that is a choice, you can also opt for patterns and prints, maybe one to match your glowing pre-summer vibe?

My inner fashionista is asking where too. Well, they are exclusively from Specsavers and as well as changing the arms you also do get a choice in the original frame.

So take a chance, but also play it safe with something that looks and feels great, whatever your mood.